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  President Trump Honors Military Dog Involved in Raid on ISIS Leader  CSPAN  November 25, 2019 5:07pm-5:16pm EST

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i'm going to be in new hampshire the rest of today and then off to south carolina tomorrow. and i think what i've seen is that path we knew was there was -- is wider than i fully appreciate it. it's a wide-open race. and the fact that folks have been in for a long time and campaigning for a long time and raising money for a long time has not closed, has not resolved it. it's a little bit of how i think about the importance of money, or lack of it. we want it. we are raising it. i think we are competitive and we are confident.
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pres. trump: good morning. this is right now, probably the a conan. dog, it is trained that if you open your mouth, you want to be beacked -- you ought to attacked, so be careful. he just arrived with some of the people from the special forces that did the incredible, flawless attack. al-baghdadi is gone. it was a flawless attack. we just gave conan a medal
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and a plaque. -- newknew conan was exactly what was going on knew exactly what was going on. he is very special. we would put a muzzle on the dock, but then it gets even more violent. the dog is actually incredible, we spent some time with it. so brilliant, so smart. the way it was with the special forces people that he worked with, and for obvious reasons, they can be part of the media, but they did a fantastic job, conan did a fantastic job. we are very honored to have conan here. we have given conan's
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certificate and -- conan's certificate and an award that we are going to put in the white house. >> i know you just finished a meeting with some of the special forces that took down the leader of isis. i recall the president, when you make the decision, right up there in the white house. the day before the rate, you had you talkedt -- raid, about measures that were available for our soldiers. the fact that they had dogs that could go in in the event that all baghdad he had on -- al-baghdadi had on an explosive vest. you put premium the safety of our special forces, and this dog was there, accepted some injury, we were able to complete the raid without any american casualties. the special forces can't come
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out to the public, but having iss extraordinary dog today a reflection of our forces, the great job that they do. conan is really a hero. conan was very badly hurt, as you know. maybe he was not going to recover, he actually recovered very quickly and has since gone on very important raids. we captured 100% of the isis caliphate. when i took office, we had almost nothing, it was as though they were just forming again, and now it is a hundred percent -- 100%. we have done a lot of work since then, since the raid, things have happened that are very important. we are in very good shape. we have had a lot of help, too, from other countries. i just want to thank you all. this is a special time for conan.
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we really appreciate it. was told about -- i was told about the breed, i was told about conan himself. conan is a tough cookie. no one is going to mess with conan. i got to see how fast conan can move. i said, what chance would a strong man have, really strong, a fighter, what chance would this person have against conan? without the guns? what chance? the answer is none, he would have no chance. amazing. you see how beautiful and how likeduring a situation this is, he is not in a bad mood today. all very thank you much. it is a great honor to have conan and the special forces here.
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is conan retiring, mr. president? pres. trump: he is not retiring, he is a1. they go for about six years, like an athlete. they like to get him at 1.5 or two years old, and they go for about six years from that time. maybe the reflexes are not quite as good, things like that happen. the dog's prime time is six years after two. they are very hard to get, this particular dog. this is the ultimate fighter, ultimate everything, ultimate in terms of sniffing drugs. we spent a tremendous amount of money on drug equipment at the border. i was talking to the people, is there anything better than this equipment? no, sir, the only thing better is the dog.
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this type of dog exactly, it is a certain type of dog. pretty amazing. drugs a case where we had in the cylinder of a car, it was undetectable. it was really amazing machinery. still, it was undetectable. the dub came in, jumped in the in, jumped inme the hood, it is incredible, their sense of smell. they are incredible animals. thank you all very much. reporter: do you have confidence in mr. mulvaney? pres. trump: yes, i do.
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